• Archit Pandey

COVID-19: Myth and Reality

We could not have been placed in a better position to judge the futility of not only the so-called ‘ever-dynamic’ modern Science (modern Medical Science in particular) but also the rational ability of our respected leaders, than this – behind the veil of this arcane pandemic. In my last blog, I’ve mentioned that I still am not able to understand why people are taking this pandemic seriously. I wrote, thereafter, that soon I will be writing on this topic. Today is the day.

In this blog, I will write on something which most of us till now have been thinking or sensing about, as far as I can make out, but still are not able to express or say it clearly because either they are afraid, possibly of governmental actions, or are themselves half-confused regarding the overall construction of this pandemic. All I am going to write down can very well be decrypted with the help of common sense (I am sorry if anyone does not have one) and no uncommon wisdom (prajñā) is required.

I will try to keep this blog short (sorry I failed) and succinct. Let us start with the very beginning – the lockdown. The lockdown was announced in a ‘de-monetization’ style without taking into consideration the fate of those who were originally out of their place. Then a kind of assurance was made with the general public that government vans would be made available to distribute the essential items (mostly eatables). I did not see any such vans and hoping similarly you won’t have spotted any either. However, time went through and the moment a modern alienated man began to feel psychologically weakened then he was asked to rejuvenate himself artificially by ringing bells and lighting lamps (orthodox religious people don’t require such nonsense). SSR controversy was another breakthrough that got us outside of the daily monotonous life, thanks to the resonating character of our media. Nonetheless, people with an academic bent of mind found this time very productive and full of leisure. Surprisingly, watch hours on filthy channels on YouTube increased which showed the perverted nature of the youth in India. I was not an exception to this and but dissociated myself soon. Even more surprising was the fact that even after the passage of more than 4 months, the origin of the virus could not be traced down perfectly. Its true nature could not be recognized. The trends were being explained with the help of many curves which were nothing but gibberish. How the virus mutates could not be cracked; how it can be managed could not be known; how it can be treated could not be identified; and, how to get oneself protected from it could not be decided. The offering of a vaccine shortly as a cure to this disease also appears to be a hollow idea as there is no general global agreement on its large scale production and distribution. More than that, whether a vaccine will be a panacea for all our suffering is still questionable. How a half-dead (or half-alive) malaise (the virus is said to reside on the boundary line of living and non-living) can be eradicated?

All the instances mentioned above clearly show that modern science has completely gone bankrupt after the onset of pandemic and related problems. The virus has been able to penetrate the PPE kits and masks and has even made the fool out of various mechanisms that are being deployed for its testing. The so-called ‘full-proof’ testing mechanisms for the virus have given positive results by detecting the older coronavirus and have created a mess out of it. Hospitals seemed to have made a lot of capital out of this. Gandhiji was not wrong when he decried doctors and lawyers for charging money out of one’s despair. This tendency got fully manifested during the crisis. While private one’s made money, the public sector hospitals struggled to provide even basic infrastructure for handling the cases. No clear-cut medicine to date could have been discovered to treat the virus (or, even keep the virus at bay). Soon, it was told that the only treatment required was to take medicines of those diseases regularly, the symptoms of which could be sensed by the patient. Home-quarantine was recommended. The waiting for hospital beds contracted and many beds became vacant thereafter. The hospitals which were earlier reluctant to take admission of corona patients, now willingly tried to look out for them as they were now confident that there was nothing challenging in treating this disease. Lots of money was discharged for treating single corona patient and unsurprisingly only a minute part of it was spent on the treatment and rest galloped by our efficient officers. ICMR and venerable doctors of AIIMS also seemed to have gone mentally insolvent as they kept on revising corona guidelines again and again. This very clearly shows the flawed methodology on which the entire fabric and foundation of modern science is based. It is based on the methodology of trial and error which will never see its end. One can never be certain of the nature of anything upon which modern science has laid down its claim. In other words, we can say that this modern science is based on the principle of ‘infinite corrigibility’.

Apart from them, there are also certain myths related to this entire scenario of the pandemic. All of them need careful attention to gauge their actual reality. Medicines and powders worth billions have been sold to make sure one does not run out of immunity. Immunity is not something like fuel in an automobile that needs to be refilled everytime it is low on the indicator. Immunity is something that weakens when the complete equilibrium of our body gets disturbed due to various factors. The body itself has the capacity to revitalize its immunity. Medicines and powders may act like a catalyst but are simply useless if naturally, one’s immunity is weak. This natural immunity is something that one should try to keep intact. This natural immunity in Āyūrveda is known jīvanī-śakti which is congenital and nothing much can be done about it. What a particular disease is going to have an overall impact on your body depends on how strong is your jīvanī-śakti. The problem is that the modern lifestyle has paralyzed this jīvanī-śakti upto such a level that now nothing better can be achieved by taking medicines or eating cyavanprāśa. The proliferation of the pharmaceutical industry in the past one century is proof that we have made the hell out of our lives. Medicines and other supplements can keep us only artificially rejuvenated. All those people who never had even heard the name of kādḥā, started injecting it into their body six or seven times a day without taking into consideration the negative impact it will have on their body in the future. The problem is not kādḥā, per se, but the entire body make-up of the modern man which is not habitual of living in harmony with nature. The body is not habitual of taking such whopping amounts of kādḥā. Galloping them as if kādḥā is going the replace the blood running in our vessels, will have nothing but a negative impact on our body. Yes, we can adapt to the older lifestyle, which is better, but the shift has to be gradual and not in haste.

When the disease first made its impact on our mainland, all those intellectuals who are residing in the urban areas were very much concerned regarding the impact the virus will have on the health of the rural people. This was because they thought that the people residing in rural areas were mostly illiterate and uneducated. But their thinking was flawed. The urban intellectuals could not understand two very simple facts – one, people residing in rural areas have very high jīvanī-śakti as compared to the clowns of the urban areas; and two, there is not even remotest relation between the spread of the virus and the education regarding it. If the so-called great scientists could not make out the real nature of the virus and are still alive, why would it bother so much for the villagers? The urban intellectuals, who rarely even have any relation with their villages, were simply shedding their crocodile tears on the very situation. I went to my village amidst the pandemic and to my surprise, which even opened my eyes to many other fronts of this pandemic, not even a single person was wearing a mask or following social distancing norms. They were happier than the people who were residing in the urban areas, thanks to the frothy penetration of print and electronic media, and living contented like before. It is also high-time that migrant workers working in industries and other sectors should realize the cost of leaving their established villages for the pity amount of money which they are earning. It would be much better if they return to their original agricultural employment. That would not only be profitable and sustainable in the long-run but will also be more pleasing than their present job which is nothing but exploitative.

What I have observed is that only two types of people have feared this pandemic – one, who are highly educated; and two, who are highly weak from within. People with sufficient common sense (thanks to the modern education which has killed our common sense to claim that it has developed even better IQ), whether they are educated or not, and with a strong heart have never feared this virus. It is weird to observe, though expectedly, that the acquisition of IQ and the development of foolish attitudes among the younger generation go hand in hand. The older generation of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s do not care whether the cases have gone up or down. They are adamant with their daily routine and have convincingly termed the outbreak of this pandemic to supernatural forces, a claim which is a solid one and hence cannot be outrightly rejected. The older generation has successfully exposed the exclusivist arrogance of modern science which considers nothing out of bounds to its periphery and regards metaphysical and spiritual realities as simply nonsense, futile, and a matter of superstitious faith. The present situation of the pandemic has turned all these allegations of science on traditional metaphysics back to itself. Now, this modern science and its outlets appear to be numb. This is the result of nothing but the disorientation of science from its first principles.

Masks and social distancing were other fabrications of this period which still hold illusions in the heads of many. Masks cannot prevent the entry of the virus, that’s for sure. Many reputed scientific institutions have proved it. Obviously, the size of the virus is smaller than the pores of the masks. Even then people are wearing it with the utmost caution, I don’t know why. I don’t know why people could not even understand things of such basic common sense. Laughably, the virus has infected even those who were wearing PPE kits. As far as social distancing is concerned, which is another completely futile exercise, as man is made to live in harmony and in close contact with another man. Keeping him apart from his fellow beings is simply unnatural. Man is ready to pay even the gravest of price, even of his life, then to stay apart from his fellows. Also, no studies prominently and with sufficient evidence claim that social distancing is the fool-proof method of disbanding the transmission of this virus. Despite following social distancing at some places strictly, even though it is unnatural, the cases have gone up. Another thing that appears to be completely absurd to me is the distance of two feet which is being recommended as a precautionary measure under social distancing. Have our respected scientists caught the movement of the virus which mutates itself periodically to identify the distance it travels when it leaves the body of the carrier? This is completely hilarious. Also, the way in which final-year (are final-year students less prone to the virus?) examinations were conducted and enormous mob appeared during rallies as part of the election campaign in Bihar without any reports of infection and casualty showed two things – one, the pandemic is not as lethal as it is being made to show; and two, even government is not serious about its own order and have prodigiously seemed to have contradicted its own voice.

The data analysis that how many are infected with the virus, how many succumbed to it, and how many recovered are completely interpolated as it is humanly impossible to gauge the correct data. Even then if we try to guess in a rudimentary fashion, our common sense will tell us that around a hundred crores of our population have got infected from it. This is due to the inescapable nature of the disease itself. As per the report in one of the newspapers, I read some days back, two or three (I don’t exactly remember the count) members of the most secluded tribes of India residing deep into the forests of Andaman have been tested positive for the virus. If they cannot elude the virus, how can the people who are residing upon the mainland can? As per the government reports, only around nine million have been infected so far. This is completely derisory. Again ridiculous is the fact that the cases which were soaring as high as nearing one lakh per day have suddenly gone down to nearly twenty thousand per day.

I think I have made myself sufficiently clear on this issue. I am not denying the fact that there is no pandemic, there is perhaps! But the nature of this pandemic is so ad-hoc that nothing much can be done about it. What I am objecting to is not the presence of COVID-19 but its exaggeration. Things are not exactly the way they are made to show. We should be cautious of these overtones and should try to situate ourselves away from them. We should try to apply the most common part of our brain and the things will be clear in front of us. Sometimes, just over-thinking is the root cause of the problem. We cannot get rid of this thinking tendency because we have got it deeply ingrained in ourselves. We should also try to understand that we are living in a fully talented and established capitalist society. So a capitalist angle should always be there in our mind while assessing any situation pertinent to the common public. Much credit goes to the capitalist forces for embellishing the fear of this pandemic only to serve their own eternal purpose – profit. Alcohol, masks-making, and pharmaceutical industries have shamelessly created billions by embroidering the havoc which was upon humanity.

A line or two on the way out should also be laid down. I am not suggesting that we have to be reckless at this moment. We have to take precautions but the precautions I am supportive of are not the ones like those mentioned above which are nothing but completely bizarre and silly. I support a precaution that has to a part and parcel of our daily lives. It is indispensable. It is permanent. It is not like something we have to follow only during the reign of this pandemic and once the pandemic departs, we will stop taking that measure. Overall, living a life of moderation is not only a precaution but also a life-style which we all should try to inculcate in our lives enduringly. It has to be undying. Our traditional Indian life-style, which has to be correct no matter what, is based on the tripartite equilibrium of God, Nature, and Man. We shall try hard to restore that equilibrium. Aristotle’s Theory of Golden Mean reiterates the same and holds very much true at this moment. Both - extremes and neglection - of anything is not only bad but also deteriorating. Remedying a malady with another malady will result in a graver malady, the remedy of which will even be more difficult to locate.